/ˈkikˌstärt/ an impetus given to get a process or thing started or restarted.


Direct filipino translation. Kick > Sipa. Start > Simula


port·man·teau / a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others, for example motel (from ‘motor’ and ‘hotel’) or brunch (from ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’).

SIPAMULA aims to ignite positive change and empowerment at the community level by providing key communities with access to quality football facilities and comprehensive support programs.

Needs Assessment

Many communities in the Philippines lack adequate sports facilities, limiting opportunities for youth development and community engagement.

With an increasing number of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), there’s a growing need to provide recreational and educational opportunities for their families left behind.




Access to football facilities, coupled with educational and career development programs, will improve the overall well-being of residents and foster a sense of belonging.

By establishing community football fields, SIPAMULA will promote physical activity, social cohesion, and economic empowerment.


SIPAMULA’s target audience includes youth, families of OFWs, and local communities in the Philippines.

These groups will benefit from enhanced access to football, education, and economic opportunities provided by the project.

Location and Design

SIPAMULA will initially identify and develop football fields in 10 strategic communities across the Philippines.  The design will prioritize accessibility and sustainability, ensuring the facilities serve as hubs for community engagement and development.

Example feasibility case study

Solar and workout powered lighting for sustainability and extended playing hours.


Free wifi to provide internet access for the community, particularly benefiting families of OFWs.

Example feasibility case study

Exploration of kinetic energy to harness movement around the field, providing basic electricity to surrounding communities.

Partnerships and Support

SIPAMULA will collaborate with various stakeholders to ensure the success of the project.

Community engagement will be prioritized by employing locals in project implementation, fostering a sense of ownership and building trust within the communities.

Local government agencies will be engaged for assistance with location selection, permits, and regulatory approvals.

Local and global sports organizations will be approached for funding and technical support to enhance the quality of facilities and programs.

Local businesses will be engaged for strategic partnerships, offering value exchange deals and sponsorships to support the project’s sustainability.

Budget and Funding

Implementation Plan

Site Selection

SIPAMULA will conduct thorough assessments to identify suitable locations for the construction of football fields for an  initial 10 key strategic communities across the Philippines. Factors such as accessibility, community needs, and potential impact on OFW families will be carefully considered.

Design and Construction

Once the locations are finalized, SIPAMULA will collaborate with architects, engineers, and local contractors to design and construct the football fields. The design will prioritize sustainability, accessibility, and community engagement, incorporating features such as solar-powered lighting, free wifi access, and exploration of kinetic energy for electricity generation.

Community Outreach

Throughout the design and construction phases, SIPAMULA will engage with local community leaders, residents, and stakeholders to ensure their input and participation in the project. Community meetings, surveys, and focus groups will be conducted to gather feedback and address concerns, fostering a sense of ownership and investment in the project.

Program Development

In parallel with the construction process, SIPAMULA will develop comprehensive support programs tailored to the needs of each community. These programs will include football training and development initiatives for youth starting with “Football Starts at Home” program.  There will also be educational and career advancement opportunities for families, and community services such as work-abroad programs and weekend events.

Launch and Promotion

Upon completion of the football fields and program development, SIPAMULA will officially launch the project with a series of events and activities aimed at raising awareness and generating excitement within the communities. Local media outlets, social media platforms, and community networks will be utilized to promote the project and encourage participation.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Throughout the implementation phase, SIPAMULA will establish monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track progress, measure impact, and identify areas for improvement. Key performance indicators such as increased participation in football activities, improved community well-being, and economic empowerment will be monitored regularly to ensure the project’s effectiveness.

Capacity Building

SIPAMULA will invest in capacity building initiatives to empower local community members to take on leadership roles and actively participate in the ongoing management and maintenance of the football fields and support programs. Training sessions, workshops, and mentorship opportunities will be provided to build skills and foster sustainability.

Adaptation and Scaling

As the project progresses, SIPAMULA will remain flexible and adaptive, responding to emerging needs and opportunities within the communities. Lessons learned from pilot initiatives will be shared and applied to future phases of the project, with the goal of scaling impact and expanding to additional communities over time.



“Football Starts at Home” empowers parents to engage in their children’s football development through fun and interactive play. By incorporating enjoyable activities, families bond over football while fostering essential skills and lifelong participation in the game.


The “Play, Learn, and Feast” program invites local community youth to enjoy a day of football activities while providing nourishing meals powered by local sponsors. This initiative not only fosters physical activity and skill development but also promotes community support and engagement through local partnerships.


Monthly local and annual regional football tournaments, where local community teams vie for rewards such as fiesta financial support, improved health center, ambulances, or support for clean water initiatives. These tournaments not only showcase local talent but also contribute to community development and well-being through the provision of essential resources.


SIPAMULA represents a unique opportunity to kickstart positive change in communities across the Philippines. With your support, we can build and sustain community football fields that empower youth, strengthen families, and unite communities through the beautiful game. Together, let’s make SIPAMULA a catalyst for lasting social impact and transformation.